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Dear Edgecliff Village Fire Department Candidate,

Before you fill out an application to become a member of the Edgecliff Village Fire Department, there are a few items to consider.

When you become a volunteer firefighter, you are making a commitment to your fellow firefighters, to our department, and to the citizens of our fire district.  To help you better assess whether you are ready to make that commitment, you should ask yourself the following:

 - Am I willing to commit to attending all departmental training sessions? 
(We train EVERY Tuesday evening for 3-5 hours at the station.  We also require several Saturday live fire training sessions throughout the year, normally 4 Saturdays for at least 12 hours that day.)

 - Am I willing to respond to ALL calls when I am available?

 - Am I willing to respond to calls that occur at difficult hours?
(Many calls happen at inopportune times, such as 2:00am.)

 - Am I willing to donate my time for other areas of the department such as; fundraisers, work parties, career days at area schools, or whatever other duties might be required?

 - Do my spouse and family understand the commitment of hours I am about to make, and do they approve of my decision?
(Without their support, you will not be a successful firefighter.)

 - Will the department and my fellow firefighters be able to depend on me to become a valuable member of the Edgecliff Village team?

If you answered, "Yes," please come by and get an application or go to the Application Page and download our application.  If you answered, "No," to any of these questions or have any doubts, it doesn't mean you aren't cut out for this.  You might want to come down in person and check us out and talk to some of the firefighters, observe some training and give it some more thought.  

Even though our department is comprised of volunteers, we provide an ESSENTIAL service to our community and they are depending on us.  Our department depends on its members to respond to ALL emergencies when possible.  Without a strong commitment by each member, our team, our department, will not be able to provide that service.


Jeffrey A. Ballew
Fire Chief


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